Abs + Glutes

Abs + Glutes

We're going beyond skin deep to create strength and stability in the abdominals and glutes. Why? Your core muscles play a huge role in your everyday activities, from getting out of bed, to walking down the street, and bending over to grab your bag, but most importantly, they literally help you stay upright.

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Abs + Glutes
  • pilates basics // booty burn

    We'll review the principles of alignment because they're oh so important in making sure we get the most from our glutes (without other muscles taking over) so we get a deep boot burn.

    Optional props: can be done with ankle weights as you advance

  • glutes engagement + activation

    We're learning how to engage our glutes correctly so we can fire them up for strength and space in our hip joint and spine. Attention is paid to prevent ever gripping in the glutes because that leads to tension, weakness, and pain! We're all about the strong foundation so our future movements hit...

  • the stable core

    Fun fact: our core is so much more than just our abs. It includes our entire trunk (so I'm talking, everything below the neck up to/ and including the pelvis). In this class, we'll get in touch with our entire core system to deepen our core stability through a neutral state and apply it to mobili...

  • abs // the essentials

    We're bringing it down to the essentials of abdominal engagement in this class and applying them to movements. Everything is focused on making sure we are working our core efficiently and correctly strengthening our deep abdominals.

  • core engagement through movement

    In this class, we'll focus on applying 360-degree breath and core engagement to movement. The exercises are about properly engaging the core in a way that serves you in building strength and stability rather than just maxing out on intense abdominal work. It's about creating functional strength t...

  • breathe with me // 3 core exercises

    We're using the 360 breathing we went over in the recap to core engagement through breathing class and applying it to 3 exercises that are incredible for strengthening your core and creating much-needed stability. These are exercises you can take with you practice at will throughout your day to c...

  • recap of core engagement with breathing

    This class reviews how to engage + strengthen our core through 360-degree breath. We'll go over all of the particulars for optimal alignment and health + how to engage for optimal core stability. It seems like a minor tweak but this will change how your body functions, feels and looks!

  • core repair + strengthen // hypopressive breathing

    We'll apply the hypopressive breathing technique to 4 different movements, building abdominal + pelvic floor balance and strength. Make sure to complete the introduction to hypopressive breathing class before taking this class.

  • introduction to hypopressive breathing

    Hypopressive breathing to look and feel your best - whether you want to build balanced strength and release tension in overactive muscles in your core + pelvic floor or improve your posture, this class is for you! This introduction class reviews how to correctly do this breathing technique, givin...

  • basics with a burn // abs

    Using a ball (or pillow) we'll access and strengthen our deep core. The ball allows us to find a deeper core connection + helps us find the right positions without compressing in the spine while also opening the chest and shoulders.

    Props: a mid-size ball (you can use a pillow if you don't have...

  • core engagement for strength

    A class all about how to engage your core properly so it is both strong AND functional--making sure it both stabilizes your body and looks good.

  • inner thigh strength

    This is an open level class that focuses on strengthening the inner thighs to improve our alignment + the stability of our pelvis and spine. We'll go through both standing and mat work to target all 5 of the inner thigh muscles.

  • basics with a burn // glutes

    This is an all-levels class with simple exercises for working on your form while simultaneously getting a burn in your muscles, building awareness + strength within your body.

  • no crunch abs

    We'll strengthen our core without doing a single traditional crunch! We'll get to work with dynamic movements and breathwork. It's an open level class with intermediate options + modifications offered.

  • glorious glutes

    An open-level class that works all sides of the glutes to create balance and support for the pelvis, spine, and knees -- essential for creating glutes strength (which we all could use more of). This is a great class to repeat often and as you progress, gradually build up the resistance.

    Props: a...

  • leg + booty burn

    We're mastering the hip hinge in this class (the ability to disassociate the leg and torso at the hip) which is key to preventing low back pain. We'll go through everyday Pilates movements like squats and lunges that are key for hip hinging and also creating a deep leg + booty burn!

  • abs with a burn

    An open-level abdominals class where we'll go over spinal articulation as a way to connect with our core and create length in our backs.

  • abs, arms, and booty

    This well-rounded Pilates inspired mat class uses our own bodyweight to target the glutes, abs + arms and feel a deep burn.

  • abs, arms, and booty

    This well-rounded class uses our own bodyweight to target the glutes, abs + arms and feel a deep burn.

    Optional props: ankle weights

  • pilates with props // fitness ball

    We'll focus on building back body + core strength by using the fitness ball to work the back of our legs, glutes, upper back, and core to give a lift to our booties and improve overall alignment.

    Props: a big fitness ball + a yoga brick or pillow

  • abs + glutes // open level

    An express class to find a deeper core connection. We'll give a lot of focus on what’s going on with your breath + pelvic floor while building strength in the core, inner thighs, and glutes.

    Props: a pillow

  • well rounded booty

    This class targets all sides of the booty (back, side, internal and external rotators) to build balance and stability in the hips.

  • welcome back to your abs // beginner

    An effective abs-focused class for beginners or anyone getting back into their body. We'll work on technique to connect with our core to feel a good burn.

  • brick house

    Grab a yoga brick for this class where we'll challenge (in a fun way) our core, glutes + arms to find strength, stability + balance.

    Props: a yoga brick