the week in movement

the week in movement

31 Seasons

A curated list of classes that are perfect to do in a series to get you through the week (new classes dropping throughout the week!)

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the week in movement
  • glutes engagement + activation

    Episode 1

    We're learning how to engage our glutes correctly so we can fire them up for strength and space in our hip joint and spine. Attention is paid to prevent ever gripping in the glutes because that leads to tension, weakness, and pain! We're all about the strong foundation so our future movements hit...

  • develop your balance

    Episode 2

    Standing balance is the name of the game in this class. We'll review key elements to improve and strengthen our foundational supports and apply what we learn to exercises that challenge us.

  • the stable core

    Episode 3

    Fun fact: our core is so much more than just our abs. It includes our entire trunk (so I'm talking, everything below the neck up to/ and including the pelvis). In this class, we'll get in touch with our entire core system to deepen our core stability through a neutral state and apply it to mobili...

  • healthy hips + shoulders // internal + external rotation

    Episode 4

    We're building healthy and happy hips and shoulders by deepening our understanding of internal and external rotation. Through exercises, we'll learn to create space and movement in our ball and socket joints and recognize its effects on our bodies.

  • breathing to change your body

    Episode 5

    How we are breathing completely changes how our bodies function and feel. Strong external factors like stress and posture alter our breathing patterns for the worse so in this class we'll focus on breathing optimally using an exercise you can work on anywhere anytime.

  • release your feet

    Episode 6

    Our feet do hard and important work for us so in this class we're giving back to them by releasing tension stored up in them, creating some heavenly space that feels good and allows for a deeper muscle activation that supports our bodies and grounds us stronger to the earth. We're literally build...

  • abs // the essentials

    Episode 7

    We're bringing it down to the essentials of abdominal engagement in this class and applying them to movements. Everything is focused on making sure we are working our core efficiently and correctly strengthening our deep abdominals.

  • welcome to your feet

    Episode 8

    This class is all about building a functional connection between our minds and our feet. We'll focus on how our weight is distributed and build strength + connection so our feet, ankles, knees, and hips are happy and healthy!