The 30 Day Challenge

The 30 Day Challenge

4 Seasons

30 classes in 30 days.

Start 2022 off with this curated playlist all about getting physically stronger, healing the bod, deepening the mind-body connection + fine-tuning our biomechanics. You'll finish the month with a happier, healthier body and the full satisfaction of knowing you absolutely crushed it in the new year!

The 30 Day Challenge
  • Welcome to The 30 Day Challenge!

    Episode 1

  • modern mat (2.24 live class)

    Episode 2

    A contemporary Pilates mat class that focuses on movement for the modern body to release tightness + strengthen weakness created by everyday life.

  • get it done // all levels

    Episode 3

    A class that quickly gets you feeling connected within your muscles and feeling the burn when you don’t have a ton of time. Appropriate for movers of all skill levels.

  • gyrokinesis® for beginners

    Episode 4

    A slower-paced class to focus on the movements and concepts of gyrokinesis® -- a perfect class for beginners. (Entire class is chair-based)

    Props: a stool or chair

  • the flow

    Episode 5

    A full-body flow class to get moving more fluidly. We'll pull techniques from GYROKINESIS®, Pilates, and Yoga to strengthen and open our most supple muscle connections.

  • basics with a burn // abs edition

    Episode 6

  • restorative // express

    Episode 7

    Take a quick break to reconnect with this short and sweet restorative class. We'll explore supportive openers + deep stretches to invite calming energy into the body + mind.

    Props: a pillow

  • body rotation

    Episode 8

    A full body modern mat class focusing on creating rotation in our body (using our obliques) which we lose from everyday life lack of movement and creates immobility in our neck, shoulders, and spine.