the breathing series

the breathing series

5 Episodes

Relaxing breathwork is an incredible tool to have for our busy lives. Stress and anxiety are completely normal parts of being human; they are our ancient natural responses to threatening situations, our fight or flight, and they are what help keep us safe by offering the speed to jump out of the way of an oncoming car or the strength to rescue a child in danger. However, as our survival stories have evolved (today’s threats are less tiger barreling down on you in the jungle and more work deadlines, subway delays, and social encounters) a lot of us have become unable to switch off this self-preservation mechanism and just relax.

This constant state of anxiety-related stress wreaks havoc on our body in so many alarming ways—our memory, immune system, bone density, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, the list goes on are all negatively impacted…but with relaxing breath work, we can actually reset this system and allow our body to ease up and let go.

This breathing series consists of 5 different videos each covering a different breathwork technique. Each one uses our breath to create an almost meditative state, signaling to our nervous system to relax the body and switch off the sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight response) and instead activate the parasympathetic nervous system (our state of calm and relaxation).

The outcome is simply arming yourself with tools that will allow you to be more relaxed, self-aware, calm, and peaceful while also offering the clarity for a new perspective on life and the ability to manage stress better in the future.

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the breathing series
  • breathing for calm // alternate nostril breathing

    Episode 1

    The perfect class if you are new to breathwork. We'll go through the simple and effective alternate nostril breathing technique which helps relax your nervous system and helps get your diaphragm moving--perfect for calming yourself.

  • breathing for calm // triangle breathing

    Episode 2

    Triangle breathing is a simple technique that creates calmness in the body. It's a great tool to reach for at any point in your day when things are getting away from you. A great class for beginners.

  • breathing for calm // box breathing

    Episode 3

    Box breathing is a technique we use to calm down the nervous system and is a great one to do anytime and anywhere!

  • breathing for deep relaxation // 4, 7, 8 breathing

    Episode 4

    4, 7, 8 breathing is an incredible technique we use to enter a state of deep relaxation. This is a great one to use to at the end of your day to find a moment of stillness and relaxation or even before bedtime to assist you in falling asleep.

  • breathing for relaxation // belly breathing

    Episode 5

    Our stomachs become storing grounds for a lot of our emotions, so in this class, we'll focus on those feelings by breathing in the belly, with a slow inhale and exhale, to promote feelings of relaxation.