12 Days of Movement

12 Days of Movement

13 Episodes

12 days of movement classes to carry you through the holiday season

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12 Days of Movement
  • fusion (7.26 live class)

    Episode 1

  • plank series

    Episode 2

    A quick series for a quick burn.

    Props: a mat

  • arms + shoulders strengthening

    Episode 3

    A series to strengthen and release any tension or tightness in the arms and shoulders.

    Props: a mat + theraband or similar

  • abs strengthening

    Episode 4

    A quick abs series for some great core strengthening

    Props: a mat

  • movement for body connectivity

    Episode 5

    An open level technique class that focuses on creating space for correct activation of the deep stabilizing muscles.
    Variations are offered for all skill levels

    Props: a mat

  • movement for booty strength

    Episode 6

    A 20-minute everyday workout that focuses on building booty strength while using the core to stabilize

    Props: a mat

  • gyrokinesis® (11.11 live class)

    Episode 7

    This new stationary lifestyle is tough on our bodies so we'll use controlled, fluid movements that address the entire body, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion, and creating functional strength.
    Feels good, does good.

    Props: a mat + a stool or chair

  • movement to awaken the senses (11.27 live class)

    Episode 8

    An all-levels class for gratitude and self-appreciation. We'll use movement and self-touch to awaken the senses, drain the lymphatic system, and promote digestion. A perfect class to start your day with.

    Props: a mat + a chair

  • tutorial // how to breathe to strengthen your abs

    Episode 9

    Breathing properly changes everything about how your body looks, feels, and functions. In this short video, we'll work on creating a strong foundation through breathing, which will allow you to build core and abs strength and stability easier.

    Props: a chair or stool

  • restorative recharge w psoas release (12.6 live class)

    Episode 10

    This class is all about the psoas (ya know, that tight muscle in the front of your hips). We'll slow down + create some space in the body while releasing tension that causes tightness and pain. Deepening our breath, we'll create a calming energy throughout the body + mind.

    Props: 3 thick pillows...

  • the flow (12.09 live class)

    Episode 11

    A full-body flow class focusing on the obliques. We'll pull technique from Gyrokenisis®, Pilates, and Yoga to strengthen and open our most supple muscle connections.

  • movement for shoulder health

    Episode 12

    Learn how to strengthen your shoulder stabilizers and rotator cuff to prevent shoulder pain which comes when we try to stabilize from the wrong places (aka the upper traps and neck)

    Props: a 1lb or 2lb weight (or water bottle, soup can, whatever you have) + a yoga brick or pillow

  • basics with a burn (12.17 live class)

    Episode 13

    We're going back to basics in this quickie class and using the essentials of Pilates to feel a good burn in the core and glutes + work our deepest muscle connections for maximum results.

    Props: a theraband (or something spandex you can pretend is a theraband)