the foot series

the foot series

8 Episodes

There are 33 joints, 26 bones, and more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments in our feet. All to say, the foot is a complex mechanical structure that we’re maybe not paying enough attention to.

How we stand and how we use our feet dictates how the rest of our body moves, functions, looks, and feels; so, it’s pretty important to make sure our feet are feeling good. (If even one piece of our foot puzzle is off, our entire gait can suffer).

So, all to say, welcome to the foot series!

This is a series to reawaken, mobilize, release, and strengthen our feet and change how we stand + walk through space. The end goal is to create healthy, supple, and strong feet which will in turn provide a strong foundational support for our body and take some pressure off of our knees, hips, and low back.

In essence, this series is really an intro daily foot routine and then just 2 long videos; however, each long video is broken down into more manageable shorter videos which means you can A. Take the time to learn the full class, working the foot in each component of the whole, and B. Squeeze in a foot workout when you can in your day (I’m not naive to the fact they may not be your desired focus when you have time to exercise).

Even just a short time investing in yourself each day can transform your feet and improve your overall body function and health!

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the foot series
  • the daily foot routine

    Episode 1

    Join me to practice some daily foot movements to mobilize, strengthen, balance, and realign your feet. I recommend doing this series before movement (such as a full workout) or even just a walk or run though your body can and will benefit from it at any point during your day.

  • 1. strong feet for a strong foundation

    Episode 2

    This is part I of the long videos of your foot series where we'll awaken our feet, mobilize + build strength in our arches, and reposition how we stand in space to create a beautiful and strong foundation in our feet!

  • 1a. building the arch

    Episode 3

    It's all about making foot health a manageable part of your routine so in this class (part a) we will build our arch and learn how and where to stand on our feet. This class awakens the feet, builds strength and awareness of the arches, and teaches us how we should be standing to create a good fo...

  • 1b. creating a better foundation

    Episode 4

    In part b, we're awakening our feet and repositioning our heel to help release our leg in the hip joint (see the feet do matter!) to overall create a better foundation to move from.

  • 2. how to walk

    Episode 5

    Part 2 of the foot series is all about how to walk. In this class, we'll open + release our feet and then mobilize and strengthen them with our ankles. These exercises get us working through all of the 33 joints within our feet, reawakening how our foot should be moving in space as we press off t...

  • 2a. opening the feet

    Episode 6

    The first part of how to walk is making sure that we open our feet. We'll go through simple techniques to release our feet through self-massage which are easy to do, feel amazing, and create so much space in our feet. The end goal is to make our feet feel great, improve our balance, and mobilize ...

  • 2b. mobilizing through our feet

    Episode 7

    Welcome to part b, where we'll mobilize and step forward and improve our gait by opening + strengthening our feet and ankles (trust me, it changes how are feet move through space entirely).

  • 2c. the push off

    Episode 8

    In the final section of part 2, we're focusing on the push-off when stepping forward, mobilizing through the front of our foot to open the front of our body and activate the back while walking.