the foundational series

the foundational series

17 Episodes

When we have a strong foundational knowledge of the principles of movement, we can better understand how our individual bodies work and can then give more depth and better quality to how we’re using our beautiful bodies. Even if we’re doing the ‘right’ things, if we’re doing them incorrectly we’re not going to receive the full benefit.

This series checks in with the entire body and establishes the essentials of how each part should move and where they should be living in space to support the whole unit for maximum benefit. These movement principles are core to the work I do daily with each and every client and for my own individual practice. They will shed some light on typical issues and provide answers to questions like, I do a million crunches but don’t have any abs! Ultimately, it’s all about working better, not harder to bring value to our movement as well as making our bodies feel + function at their absolute best.

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the foundational series
  • Release

    Episode 1

    Release is a slow paced flow class to stretch and relax the body at the end of the week. Through guided active, passive, & restorative movements you will increase your range of motion, relax your nervous system, and release tension that is pulling you out of alignment.

  • good alignment // seated

    Episode 2

    A how to class -- Alignment seriously matters but it can sometimes be confusing to understand exactly what it's all about. This class breaks it all down (using the extra support of a chair) to explain the ideal place for all of our body parts to be for good posture + alignment. Good alignment all...

  • good alignment // standing

    Episode 3

    Recommended as a follow-up as good alignment // seated, this class reviews where your bones should be living in space for good posture + alignment while you are standing and to build awareness so everything works for you as you go about your day.

  • breathing to change your body

    Episode 4

    How we are breathing completely changes how our bodies function and feel. Strong external factors like stress and posture alter our breathing patterns for the worse so in this class we'll focus on breathing optimally using an exercise you can work on anywhere anytime.

  • recap of core engagement with breathing

    Episode 5

    This class reviews how to engage + strengthen our core through 360-degree breath. We'll go over all of the particulars for optimal alignment and health + how to engage for optimal core stability. It seems like a minor tweak but this will change how your body functions, feels and looks!

  • body discovery // ribcage placement + function

    Episode 6

    Would bet you that you don't realize how important your ribcage is to your full-body health. Spoiler alert: It's important! We'll spend this class discovering where our ribcages are living and how we're using them to find our core, free our shoulders for better movement, and support our back so i...

  • abs // the essentials

    Episode 7

    We're bringing it down to the essentials of abdominal engagement in this class and applying them to movements. Everything is focused on making sure we are working our core efficiently and correctly strengthening our deep abdominals.

  • happy shoulders // shoulder health

    Episode 8

    This is a class all about the foundations of shoulder movement. We'll go through exercises together that work on the shoulders specifically, how to move them, and proper mechanics to build strength, fix rounded shoulders, and release gripping in the traps.

  • good alignment // sit bones

    Episode 9

    Our sit bones give us a ton of feedback and help ground us while seated. But our sit bones can actually come out of alignment and we suffer as our bodies try to compensate for the imbalance. In this class, we'll learn how to build awareness and “ground down” into the sit bones as we do with our f...

  • release the glutes

    Episode 10

    Using a small ball we'll open + release tightness in our glutes which is causing hip, lower back + leg pain.

    Props: a small ball (pinkie, tennis, lacrosse -- although, beware: the harder the ball, the more intense the massage)

  • glutes engagement + activation

    Episode 11

    We're learning how to engage our glutes correctly so we can fire them up for strength and space in our hip joint and spine. Attention is paid to prevent ever gripping in the glutes because that leads to tension, weakness, and pain! We're all about the strong foundation so our future movements hit...

  • healthy hips + shoulders // internal + external rotation

    Episode 12

    We're building healthy and happy hips and shoulders by deepening our understanding of internal and external rotation. Through exercises, we'll learn to create space and movement in our ball and socket joints and recognize its effects on our bodies.

  • release your feet

    Episode 13

    Our feet do hard and important work for us so in this class we're giving back to them by releasing tension stored up in them, creating some heavenly space that feels good and allows for a deeper muscle activation that supports our bodies and grounds us stronger to the earth. We're literally build...

  • welcome to your feet

    Episode 14

    This class is all about building a functional connection between our minds and our feet. We'll focus on how our weight is distributed and build strength + connection so our feet, ankles, knees, and hips are happy and healthy!

  • develop your balance

    Episode 15

    Standing balance is the name of the game in this class. We'll review key elements to improve and strengthen our foundational supports and apply what we learn to exercises that challenge us.

  • the stable core

    Episode 16

    Fun fact: our core is so much more than just our abs. It includes our entire trunk (so I'm talking, everything below the neck up to/ and including the pelvis). In this class, we'll get in touch with our entire core system to deepen our core stability through a neutral state and apply it to mobili...

  • leg + booty burn

    Episode 17

    We're mastering the hip hinge in this class (the ability to disassociate the leg and torso at the hip) which is key to preventing low back pain. We'll go through everyday Pilates movements like squats and lunges that are key for hip hinging and also creating a deep leg + booty burn!