the core engagement series

the core engagement series

12 Episodes

The factors of modern day life (think excessive sitting and general living stress) lead to compression in our bodies and unhelpful shifts in our core engagement. Essentially we begin to develop bad habits that lead to dysfunction, pain, and injury. Our bodies respond by functioning at below optimal (even poorly) and don’t look how we’d like them to. So even though we might be exercising, if we’re not engaging our core correctly, no great changes are happening.

This series is about building that solid foundation we need to rebuild our core and create a happy, healthy + strong body.

We’ll go over how to breathe in a way that builds strength + freedom, manage abdominal pressure, and continue to build strength throughout.

OUTCOME: better posture, core stability, and a new stomach.

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the core engagement series
  • recap of core engagement with breathing

    Episode 1

    This class reviews how to engage + strengthen our core through 360-degree breath. We'll go over all of the particulars for optimal alignment and health + how to engage for optimal core stability. It seems like a minor tweak but this will change how your body functions, feels and looks!

  • core engagement for strength

    Episode 2

    A class all about how to engage your core properly so it is both strong AND functional--making sure it both stabilizes your body and looks good.

  • breathe with me // 3 core exercises

    Episode 3

    We're using the 360 breathing we went over in the recap to core engagement through breathing class and applying it to 3 exercises that are incredible for strengthening your core and creating much-needed stability. These are exercises you can take with you practice at will throughout your day to c...

  • core engagement through movement

    Episode 4

    In this class, we'll focus on applying 360-degree breath and core engagement to movement. The exercises are about properly engaging the core in a way that serves you in building strength and stability rather than just maxing out on intense abdominal work. It's about creating functional strength t...

  • abs abs abs // beginner

    Episode 5

    An abs class for beginners or anyone getting back into their body wanting to build deep core strength.

  • breathwork // finding space

    Episode 6

    For those interested in how to breathe correctly/ effectively. This is a passive class to release tension, create space in the body + let go.

    Props: a chair + a pillow

  • introduction to hypopressive breathing

    Episode 7

    Hypopressive breathing to look and feel your best - whether you want to build balanced strength and release tension in overactive muscles in your core + pelvic floor or improve your posture, this class is for you! This introduction class reviews how to correctly do this breathing technique, givin...

  • core repair + strengthen // hypopressive breathing

    Episode 8

    We'll apply the hypopressive breathing technique to 4 different movements, building abdominal + pelvic floor balance and strength. Make sure to complete the introduction to hypopressive breathing class before taking this class.

  • basics with a burn // abs

    Episode 9

    Using a ball (or pillow) we'll access and strengthen our deep core. The ball allows us to find a deeper core connection + helps us find the right positions without compressing in the spine while also opening the chest and shoulders.

    Props: a mid-size ball (you can use a pillow if you don't have...

  • tutorial // the pelvic floor

    Episode 10

    Regan sheds some light on one of life's many mysteries: the pelvic floor. Specifically, where is our pelvic floor, why we care about it, and how to know if you're connecting + engaging it.

    Recommended as preparation for 'basics broken down // the pelvic floor'

  • basics broken down // the pelvic floor

    Episode 11

    Regan breaks down the pelvic floor, specifically how to release, what a kegel is and how to do one, and how to strengthen our pelvic floor.

    Recommend preparation: tutorial // the pelvic floor

    Props: a pillow or ball

  • pelvis + pelvic floor release

    Episode 12

    Using a foam roller as a prop, we'll release the tight muscles that pull the pelvis out of alignment which in turn creates a tight pelvic floor.

    Props: short or long foam roller (or even a ball, if you'd rather)