15 Minutes or Under

15 Minutes or Under

97 Episodes

It’s all about how you spend your time while moving and exercising, not how long you spend at it. Quality over quantity—we all know it’s true.

This express series is a collection of short (10-15 minutes) but effective full body classes focused on strengthening, opening + connecting to your body to make sure you get the most out of your limited time.

Whether you just need a break throughout your day, some movement after a meal, or are in a crunch to find some quick fitness, it’s amazing what you can accomplish in under 20 minutes.

This series has classes for all different levels to fit your individual needs. Make your movement work for you.

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15 Minutes or Under
  • 2a. opening the feet

    Episode 1

    The first part of how to walk is making sure that we open our feet. We'll go through simple techniques to release our feet through self-massage which are easy to do, feel amazing, and create so much space in our feet. The end goal is to make our feet feel great, improve our balance, and mobilize ...

  • breathing for focus // box breathing

    Episode 2

  • tutorial // breathing

    Episode 3

    Most of us aren't breathing correctly in either our everyday or when we do physical movement. Regan breaks it all down -- it's wild the difference it makes!

  • breathing for calm // alternate nostril breathing

    Episode 4

    The perfect class if you are new to breathwork. We'll go through the simple and effective alternate nostril breathing technique which helps relax your nervous system and helps get your diaphragm moving--perfect for calming yourself.

  • Passive psoas release to reset pelvis

    Episode 5

    This is wonderful release for your psoas, low back and hips, allowing gravity to reset your pelvis and restore good alignment. Also allows for drainage flow and relaxation of the nervous system. You need a chair or stool.

  • Restorative psoas - back release

    Episode 6

    This is a simple and effective pose to help relieve tension in the psoas , low back and hips while balancing your nervous system. You need either a bolster or couch/chair cushion/ heavy blankets to recreate a bolster.

  • awaken + strengthen in 5 minutes

    Episode 7

    A well-rounded, quick but effective open level express class that quickly warms you up, awakening + strengthening the body.

  • recap of core engagement with breathing

    Episode 8

    This class reviews how to engage + strengthen our core through 360-degree breath. We'll go over all of the particulars for optimal alignment and health + how to engage for optimal core stability. It seems like a minor tweak but this will change how your body functions, feels and looks!

  • 2b. mobilizing through our feet

    Episode 9

    Welcome to part b, where we'll mobilize and step forward and improve our gait by opening + strengthening our feet and ankles (trust me, it changes how are feet move through space entirely).

  • glutes engagement + activation

    Episode 10

    We're learning how to engage our glutes correctly so we can fire them up for strength and space in our hip joint and spine. Attention is paid to prevent ever gripping in the glutes because that leads to tension, weakness, and pain! We're all about the strong foundation so our future movements hit...

  • breathing for calm // box breathing

    Episode 11

    Box breathing is a technique we use to calm down the nervous system and is a great one to do anytime and anywhere!

  • 2c. the push off

    Episode 12

    In the final section of part 2, we're focusing on the push-off when stepping forward, mobilizing through the front of our foot to open the front of our body and activate the back while walking.

  • movement for upper back and arm strength

    Episode 13

    A class to mobilize and strengthen the upper back while working on shoulder stabilizers and arms.

  • breathing for calm // triangle breathing

    Episode 14

    Triangle breathing is a simple technique that creates calmness in the body. It's a great tool to reach for at any point in your day when things are getting away from you. A great class for beginners.

  • breath/core engagement

    Episode 15

    A step-by-step guided practice for using our breath for stomach engagement to help change our patterns to apply to our movement going forward!

    Props: a chair or stool

  • how to sit, get up, and stand correctly

    Episode 16

    Talking about the best way to be sitting, getting up, and standing still + quick helpful tips to improve your alignment

  • 1a. building the arch

    Episode 17

    It's all about making foot health a manageable part of your routine so in this class (part a) we will build our arch and learn how and where to stand on our feet. This class awakens the feet, builds strength and awareness of the arches, and teaches us how we should be standing to create a good fo...

  • breathing for relaxation // belly breathing

    Episode 18

    Our stomachs become storing grounds for a lot of our emotions, so in this class, we'll focus on those feelings by breathing in the belly, with a slow inhale and exhale, to promote feelings of relaxation.

  • movement for chest opening

    Episode 19

    A feel-good way to relieve shoulder + chest tightness which will allow the spine to open + make it easier to breathe.

    Props: we recommend a foam roller but a thick blanket can substitute

  • stomach massage to debloat

    Episode 20

    Experience the magic of stomach massage (and learn why it's so important). Using a soft ball, we'll work tissue in the stomach and hip flexors to release built-up tension, relieve bloating, and improve core activation (which aids in overall better digestion too!).

    Props: a soft ball -- As you b...

  • full body quickie

    Episode 21

    A 10-minute class to work your arms, obliques, and bum.

    Props: A mat

  • 10 min flow

    Episode 22

    A quick flow to loosen up + build strength in under 10 min! This class warms you up and takes you through a flow that builds from the ground up (literally, mat to standing work).

  • heal your feet

    Episode 23

    Your feet are important! In this class we'll work on the relationship between our feet and hip health by awakening + strengthening the feet and glutes, while building a deeper mind-body awareness. A great class to do often for healing feet, hip + knee issues caused by imbalances.

    Props: a heavy...

  • pain in focus // elbow pain

    Episode 24

    Elbow pain (or tennis elbow) finds a lot of us as a result of desk work and texting. We'll confront that pain and work on stretches and strengthening exercises to relieve and prevent its return.

    Props: a chair or stool + a small weight (2-7 lbs is good)