the express series

the express series

10 Episodes

It’s all about how you spend your time while moving and exercising, not how long you spend at it. Quality over quantity—we all know it’s true.

This express series is a collection of short (10-15 minutes) but effective full body classes focused on strengthening, opening + connecting to your body to make sure you get the most out of your limited time.

Whether you just need a break throughout your day, some movement after a meal, or are in a crunch to find some quick fitness, it’s amazing what you can accomplish in under 20 minutes.

This series has classes for all different levels to fit your individual needs. Make your movement work for you.

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the express series
  • intermediate express (14 minutes) // full body

    Episode 1

    A pilates + yoga inspired full body flow that will get your heart rate up for a quick but efficient session. We'll do both standing and mat work to challenge our core, legs, and balance to build strength + create space and length.

  • open level express (13 minutes) // quick burn

    Episode 2

    A great class for anyone who has a movement practice already. In this open level class we'll mobilize and get moving for a quick burn in the glutes, legs + core while also building postural strength.

  • beginner basics express (10 minutes) // stability + strength

    Episode 3

    A basics express class for beginners and/or those wanting to develop a deeper understanding of their body. We'll build a connection to how our body moves in space to build strength + mobility. All of our movements will focus on opening our hips, strengthing the glutes, stabilizing our core, and b...

  • open level basics express (10 minutes) // full body mat

    Episode 4

    A class that's great both great if you're a beginner or just looking for a simple but effective way to connect back to your body. We'll build strength + awareness through core stability, building glute + hamstring strength which will benefit general full-body strength and stability.

    Props: opti...

  • intermediate express (12 minutes) // yoga inspired mat

    Episode 5

    A yoga-inspired intermediate mat class where our focus will be full body exercises (moving up and down b/t standing and planking). This is a great class to build full body strength through dynamic movement.

    Props: Option to add ankle weights for an extra challenge + to give extra work to the bac...

  • beginner basics express (10 minutes) // standing work

    Episode 6

    This express class is a perfect one for the beginner who is short on time. We'll use our 10 minutes together to go through a (mostly) standing series to feel a burn and connection to our body that will help us understand where it is living in space. We'll work on connecting our breath to our move...

  • intermediate express (15 minutes) // full body

    Episode 7

    Short on time and looking for a quick burn? We're going to use 4 full body exercises to get the most out of our movement + time. This intermediate express class involves planking, abdominal work, upper back, and standing work.

  • express basics (10 minutes) // lower body

    Episode 8

    A 10 minute open level class that's all about the lower body. We'll go through standing work to build leg + glutes strength which tones and creates all-important balance. This class is a great warm-up or a standalone workout for someone getting back into their body.

  • intermediate express (15 minutes) // hand weights

    Episode 9

    This express full body class uses weights to build symmetrical strength + a connection to both sides of our body. The added challenge given by the weights will help us identify our imbalances and allow us to address them head-on. This is a great class if you're working on your balance, building s...

  • intermediate express (15 minutes) // mat pilates

    Episode 10

    Get a mat pilates in in under 15 minutes! This mat-inspired full body class is great for building connection and strength in the entire body. We'll hit lots of obliques + glutes work as well as postural strength (finishing with a great leg + booty burn).

    Props: for an added challenge, place wris...