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  • strengtheners // back + arms

    Episode 1

    This class focuses on building functional strength in the muscles that contribute to good posture. We'll use a resistance band to work our upper back, arms, + shoulders creating long lean muscles and good alignment.

    Props: a resistance band

  • prone back strengthers to open the chest

    Episode 2

    We're bringing all we know about our shoulders together in this class as we work all of our postural muscles, with an extra focus on our deep stabilizers of the back, creating a sleek + strong back, opening the chest, and improving alignment.

  • core repair + strengthen // hypopressive breathing

    Episode 3

    We'll apply the hypopressive breathing technique to 4 different movements, building abdominal + pelvic floor balance and strength. Make sure to complete the introduction to hypopressive breathing class before taking this class.

  • pelvic floor strength // hypopressive breathing

    Episode 4

    A healing + strengthening class developed for pre/post natal women (but great for everybody). Heal your pelvic floor + build functional ab strength through hypopressive breathing which decreases abdominal and pelvic floor pressure, allowing us to activate and strengthen our lower abdominal/corset...

  • arms + shoulders strengthening

    Episode 5

    A series to strengthen and release any tension or tightness in the arms and shoulders.

    Props: a mat + theraband or similar

  • pelvic floor // release + strengthen

    Episode 6

    A class that everybody should take! Our work is focused on isolated pelvic floor exercises to both strengthen and release the pelvic floor to help connect, heal, and build resiliency while also correcting alignment issues overall within the body.

  • movement for glutes strength

    Episode 7

    A quick 20-minute class to engage the glutes and fire up the booty

    Props: a mat + yoga brick

  • movement for arm strength

    Episode 8

    A quick class to focus on arm strengthening

    Props: small weights/ cans of soup/ bottles of water

  • movement for pelvic floor strength

    Episode 9

    Pelvic floor issues manifest in many ways. In the second class of the series, we'll focus on ways to relax, heal + strengthen the pelvic floor through breathing and movement.

    Props: a ball (or pillow) + a theraband (or belt, long-sleeved t-shirt...ya know, something of a similar length)

  • movement for foot and ankle strength

    Episode 10

    It's vital to strengthen and stretch the ankles and feet to prevent obvious ankle injuries and add support to the knees and hips as well. We'll work on strengthening while also keeping the muscles, tendons, and ligaments strong and supple, improving our natural elasticity and readiness to react. ...

  • hip love // openers with a bit of strengthening

    Episode 11

    We're coming to rescue our hips with everyday openers to create mobility in the hips, release tension in the tissues, and create space and freedom of movement. A great class to do weekly to change your hip mobility and feel much better in your hips.

  • movement for shoulder health

    Episode 12

    Learn how to strengthen your shoulder stabilizers and rotator cuff to prevent shoulder pain which comes when we try to stabilize from the wrong places (aka the upper traps and neck)

    Props: a 1lb or 2lb weight (or water bottle, soup can, whatever you have) + a yoga brick or pillow

  • 15 min. core

    Episode 13

    Quick exercises to strengthen your core muscles.

    Props: a mat

  • 15 minute abs

    Episode 14

    A quick abdominal workout to strengthen and stabalize

    Props: a mat

  • a salute to glutes - xpress

    Episode 15

    A quick booty burn that tones + promotes strength and stability in the spine, keeping our bodies balanced + pain-free.

    Prop: a pillow

  • basics with a burn // abs

    Episode 16

    Using a ball (or pillow) we'll access and strengthen our deep core. The ball allows us to find a deeper core connection + helps us find the right positions without compressing in the spine while also opening the chest and shoulders.

    Props: a mid-size ball (you can use a pillow if you don't have...

  • happy feet

    Episode 17

    A class to give love to our feet! Through strengthening the feet and correcting how the foot and ankle are tracking, we'll improve how we stand and walk and create a better support system for our entire body.

  • intermediate express (15 minutes) // hand weights

    Episode 18

    This express full body class uses weights to build symmetrical strength + a connection to both sides of our body. The added challenge given by the weights will help us identify our imbalances and allow us to address them head-on. This is a great class if you're working on your balance, building s...

  • release // neck + traps

    Episode 19

    Equal parts stretches + exercises that open the neck and shoulders while also strengthening our underworking muscles to prevent future neck and upper shoulder tightness and tension.

  • arm maintenance

    Episode 20

    A quick series using light weights for arms exercises to tone and strengthen, ending on the floor to bring it all together.

    Props: light 2 or 3 lb. weights (water bottles, cans of soup, etc.)

  • these arms of mine

    Episode 21

    Using light weights (or soup cans) we'll go through movements to quickly strengthen + tone our arms.

    Props: light arm weights or something of weight you have around your home (soup cans, water bottles, etc)

  • introduction to hypopressive breathing

    Episode 22

    Hypopressive breathing to look and feel your best - whether you want to build balanced strength and release tension in overactive muscles in your core + pelvic floor or improve your posture, this class is for you! This introduction class reviews how to correctly do this breathing technique, givin...

  • get it done // intermediate

    Episode 23

    An intermediate class that hits all the key spots to work on building functional strength. Quick but efficient work for a full-body burn.

  • arms to hold you

    Episode 24

    Using light weights (or soup cans) we'll go through exercises and movements to quickly strengthen + tone our arms.

    Props: light weights (or water bottle, soup can, something with weight you have around)