Upper Body

Upper Body

55 Episodes

The upper body encompasses vital structures including the chest, shoulders, back, and arms. It serves as a hub for numerous functions crucial in daily activities and sports performance. Strong shoulders provide stability and mobility, aiding in tasks like lifting and reaching. A robust chest supports breathing and posture, while a powerful back assists in maintaining spinal alignment and prevents injuries. Developed arms enhance dexterity and strength for tasks ranging from lifting groceries to athletic endeavors. Regular upper body conditioning not only promotes physical health but also bolsters confidence and overall well-being, facilitating a balanced and functional lifestyle.

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Upper Body
  • strengtheners // back + arms

    Episode 1

    This class focuses on building functional strength in the muscles that contribute to good posture. We'll use a resistance band to work our upper back, arms, + shoulders creating long lean muscles and good alignment.

    Props: a resistance band

  • strengtheners // upper back

    Episode 2

    This class is all about building functional strength in our upper back muscles, focusing on the postural muscles and deep stabilizers (to avoid building bulky shoulders), which support our chest and help keep us nice and open rather than hunched over. We'll use the wall as our prop because it hel...

  • release // the back

    Episode 3

    Free your upper back from the tension that's pulling it down with releases that relieve tightness from the shoulders to the lower back.

  • movement for upper back and arm strength

    Episode 4

    A class to mobilize and strengthen the upper back while working on shoulder stabilizers and arms.

  • pilates with props // arms, upper back + core

    Episode 5

    We'll use a towel as a prop to work our arms, upper back, and core to build strength + improve shoulder connection and posture.

    Props: a towel or a longsleeved t-shirt

  • pilates reformer // arms, core, and back strength

    Episode 6

    A Pilates reformer class that focuses on the arms, upper back, abs, and booty, while working your body in several planes to challenge the muscles in different ways.

  • release // the shoulders

    Episode 7

    We'll use a wall to release + stretch our chest, shoulders, and upper back in this class, which will keep our upper spine from being pulled forward as our shoulders are allowed to relax down our back and prevent pain in our neck and shoulders. It's a class that gives immediate feedback, leaving y...

  • these arms of mine // resistance band

    Episode 8

    A class to feel a burn in your arms. We'll work all parts of the arms, shoulders + upper back to build long, lean strength -- using a resistance band to increase the effort and the burn.

    Props: theraband (or whatever resistance band you have)

  • i got the door

    Episode 9

    Find a door frame, any door frame for this class where we'll find deep and satisfying stretches for the back and chest.

    Props: a door frame

  • these arms of mine

    Episode 10

    No time to waste in this class where we'll go through 2 short sequences to get the shoulders moving and build strength in the arms + upper back.

    Props: light hand weights (1-3 lbs or bottles of water, etc. whatever you have available!)

  • pain in focus // neck + shoulder pain

    Episode 11

    Hunching over a computer is an unfortunate reality of most of our lives and, as a result, a lot of us have rounded shoulders, tightness in the upper back, and even pain between the shoulder blades. This class opens and strengthens to relieve this pain and create strength to bring your body back i...

  • understanding your shoulder blades

    Episode 12

    Creating healthy shoulders requires shoulder blade mobility and awareness. In this class, we'll become more aware of our shoulder blades and apply that awareness to movements in an upper-body flow, strengthening our upper back and arms.

  • pilates reformer // AAB

    Episode 13

    We're going to challenge asymmetry and balance with glute work that has the added benefit of opening the front of the hips - with special attention to the sweet spots: glutes, abdominals (especially obliques ), upper back + arms

    Props: a reformer box (if you have one but it's not absolutely nece...

  • pilates reformer // arms + lateral sling

    Episode 14

    A reformer class that focuses on arms and the lateral sling (which are the muscles that work to stabilize you and transfer the load from the lumbar spine to the pelvis). When either is weak (often caused by repetitive patterns on one side, I.e. using one arm to carry your bag) our body compensate...

  • stretching for the lower back

    Episode 15

    A back opener class that focuses on stretching all of the muscles that are pulling on your back and causing that lower back pain.

  • happy shoulders // chest release

    Episode 16

    This is the class for anyone feeling like their shoulders are rounded + neck is tight -- basically if you sit at a computer all day, this is for you! We'll use a ball to release the tension we create in our chest muscles which pull us forward, finishing feeling able to move more freely.

    Props: ...

  • neck, shoulder + chest stretches

    Episode 17

    Easy, everyday stretches that can be done almost anywhere to release + relieve tension we're holding in our chest, neck, and shoulders.

  • movement for chest opening

    Episode 18

    A feel-good way to relieve shoulder + chest tightness which will allow the spine to open + make it easier to breathe.

    Props: we recommend a foam roller but a thick blanket can substitute

  • flow stretch // shoulders + chest

    Episode 19

    Moving through movements + positions with the intention to open, stretch and release the body so nothing is pulling it out of alignment and you can feel your best!

  • prone back strengthers to open the chest

    Episode 20

    We're bringing all we know about our shoulders together in this class as we work all of our postural muscles, with an extra focus on our deep stabilizers of the back, creating a sleek + strong back, opening the chest, and improving alignment.

  • the best shoulder + chest stretch

    Episode 21

    Warm-up + open the body with active and passive stretches with a focus on our often overlooked chest + shoulders (which deserve some love too!)

    Props: 2 blankets or pillows

  • pilates reformer // AAB

    Episode 22

    A reformer class where we'll focus on AAB work (arms, abs, and booty) to strengthen and tone (with some nice shoulder openers as a bonus).

  • arms + shoulders strengthening

    Episode 23

    A series to strengthen and release any tension or tightness in the arms and shoulders.

    Props: a mat + theraband or similar

  • healthy hips + shoulders // internal + external rotation

    Episode 24

    We're building healthy and happy hips and shoulders by deepening our understanding of internal and external rotation. Through exercises, we'll learn to create space and movement in our ball and socket joints and recognize its effects on our bodies.