Pre Natal

Pre Natal

14 Episodes

Your body goes through some pretty incredible changes during pregnancy.

Through safe, guided movements, we'll focus on strengthening and relaxing the pelvic floor, connecting to the core, opening + strengthening the shoulders and arms (to help with carrying your little one & relieve discomfort from breastfeeding), improve body awareness, and provide a sense of calm.

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Pre Natal
  • movement for mommas (7.29 live class)

    Episode 1

    Focusing on strengthening and relaxing the pelvic floor, connecting to the core, opening + strengthening the shoulders and arms to help w/ carrying around your little one + relieve discomfort from breastfeeding, improve body awareness & provide a sense of calm.

    Props: a mat

  • movement for mommas (8.13 live class)

    Episode 2

    An intermediate mommas class w/ movements that generate positive energy within the body + openers and stretches that release tension.

    Props: a mat

  • movement for mommas to relieve pelvic pain

    Episode 3

    Focusing on strengthening all of the pelvic support muscles to provide support + relieve pain from pubic symphysis (pubic pain) which is super common after childbirth!

    Props: a mat + a ball or pillow + chair or stool

  • reconnect to the core

    Episode 4

    A great class for everyone (including new mommas) to reconnect with their core

    Props: a mid-sized bouncy ball (or pillow) + a theraband

  • open level prenatal

    Episode 5

    An open-level all trimester of pregnancy class, focusing on preventing lower back pain through glutes strengthening and stretches, which open the hips, hamstrings, and side body to help with any pulling on the pelvis and lower back.

    Props: a mat

  • prenatal basics

    Episode 6

    Safe and effective movements to feel great and have your body function optimally during your pregnancy. We're working on the basics of breath and engaging the abdominals properly to get the maximum benefit from abs and glute exercises which stabilize your pelvis (it needs extra support during pre...

  • basics broken down // the pelvic floor

    Episode 7

    Regan breaks down the pelvic floor, specifically how to release, what a kegel is and how to do one, and how to strengthen our pelvic floor.

    Recommend preparation: tutorial // the pelvic floor

    Props: a pillow or ball

  • tutorial // the pelvic floor

    Episode 8

    Regan sheds some light on one of life's many mysteries: the pelvic floor. Specifically, where is our pelvic floor, why we care about it, and how to know if you're connecting + engaging it.

    Recommended as preparation for 'basics broken down // the pelvic floor'

  • prenatal pilates // 2nd semester

    Episode 9

    Pilates for the expecting momma. In this class, we'll safely work the core + glutes and address any diastasis.

    Props: a mat + a small-ish ball or pillow

  • prenatal // 2nd and 3rd trimester

    Episode 10

    A full-body class where we'll work on strengthening the back muscles (to support a growing chest and to prepare for a future of lifting up a baby), strengthening the glutes (which need to be strong for labor and for pelvis stability, to prevent pubic symphysis, and help prevent back pain), and in...

  • all level pre and post-natal

    Episode 11

    No matter where you are in the reproductive process, a great class to connect to the pelvic floor + core and build awareness of your body to build strength.

  • prenatal pilates // everyday in 10

    Episode 12

    A great class for when you’re short of time and comprehensive enough to do every day (or as often as you want). This express workout strengthens + connects while simultaneously opening the entire body.

  • pelvic floor strength // hypopressive breathing

    Episode 13

    A healing + strengthening class developed for pre/post natal women (but great for everybody). Heal your pelvic floor + build functional ab strength through hypopressive breathing which decreases abdominal and pelvic floor pressure, allowing us to activate and strengthen our lower abdominal/corset...

  • prenatal pilates // express

    Episode 14

    A quick class to fit some movement into your day and to build strength through a functional flow. Ideal for women in their 2nd / beginning of 3rd trimester.